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Future Infrastructure & Mobility (FISMO) Lab envisions more sustainable and resilient transportation systems and develops methods and tools for realizing the visions. 


Human-AI Teaming

We study how to form collaborations among humans and AI to help address some of the key challenges facing our transportation systems today such as aging infrastructure, excessive emissions, energy transitions, inadequate services, and natural and society-induced hazards. 

Subway Station

Design, Operation, and Management of Future Mobility Systems

We adopt a combination of model-driven and data-driven approaches for unleashing the potential of shared automated electric mobility services in addressing pressing and foreseeable societal and environmental challenges. We hurdle computational burden through utilizing and developing multi-resolution techniques and high-performance computing platforms.


Strategic Infrastructure Planning for Future Mobility Systems

Having a brilliant idea about future mobility systems is not enough. We need concrete, effective implementation strategies to realize sustainable and resilient infrastructure that enables these mobility systems. We develop and apply rigorous models and algorithms to evaluate alternatives and prescribe portfolios of projects and policies and their implementation timings. 

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