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Gabe Jiangbo Yu, Ph.D.

Thanks for visiting my page. My research is at the intersection of  system dynamics, mathematical psychology, data science, and transportation systems engineering.  I believe that a better understanding the cognition and behaviors of humans and artificial intelligence under pressure, uncertainty, and overwhelming information are critical in improving equitable access to resources and opportunities.

In addition, through AECOM, I provide consulting and training services to public agencies, research institutes, and businesses on topics such as travel demand, mobility-as-a-service, autonomous and connected vehicles, land use-transportation interaction, location-based service data mining, project prioritization, congestion pricing, freight management, traffic impact studies, and tourism forecast.


Transportation Research Board Annual Conference (Poster)
January, 2021
Zephyr Foundation Webinar on Behavior Dynamics (Panelist)
Dec. 15, 2020


Behavioral Decision Science

ShareCity is a research initiative, in which one major component is to apply the cognitive agent-based modeling framework I developed to studying capacity sharing services and autonomous vehicles. Agents are modeled at cognition level rather than revealed behavior level.

Training & Teaching


I am current providing training courses and on-call support to the North Caroline Department of Transportation and Virginia Department of Transportation on travel demand modeling and model applications. 

Behavioral Model Development


I am current working with Cambridge Systematics on developing California Statewide Activity-based Travel Demand Model to assist the planning and policy/taxation study under various scenarios of socioeconomic and technological development. 

Data Science


I am currently working with AASHTO and FHWA on updating the CTPP data and provide technical supports on data processing, data mining, and research. 

Prescriptive Decision Science

Image by Chris Grafton

I am currently working with United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) to finalize the 24th edition of Condition & Performance Report for the Congress as a statutory requirement and to improve the decision support tool for capital investment (TERM).

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